Case Study Method of Teaching

Following the International Standards adopted by B Schools, Heritage Business School follows the case study pedagogy. Real life cases are studied, analyzed and mapped onto the corresponding theoretical concepts to enable the students to apply the theoretical inputs in real life situations.


Assignments based on theoretical deliberations are given to the students to prepare and discuss in class power point presentations in order to improve their Knowledge, applications and presentation skills.


Live Projects for durations of 7 – 10 days each are offered by leading companies during the semesters. A students participating in the Live Project gets hands – on experience in a particular Functional area and this helps in acquiring Knowledge of the industry and the Functions. This also enhances the USP of the student as the Company provides a Certificate.


During the Semesters the students are given specific Assignments and asked to prepare presentations in class. In addition to this students are also deputed to different forums for verbal and written communication.


This is Software which is essential for any studies on Market Research or analysis of gathered data. Special classes are held for disseminating Knowledge to all the students. This helps them to analyze and examine the data collected and reach conclusions based on Statistical considerations.