Computer Centre

computer centreHERITAGE BUSINESS SCHOOL houses three air-conditioned computer  laboratories with 180 Pentium IV i3 dedicated workstations networked with two  servers. Students have 24-hour free Internet access which has a speed of 20 mbps.

A very high capacity Network Storage facility integrated with an automated data  backup and recovery system caters to the data storage requirement of all the  users. Network printing facility is available on a wide variety of printers such as  Inkjet, Laser, Line and Dot Matrix Printers. All these printers can be accessed from  anywhere in the campus. Other equipment available in the centre includes  Notebooks, CD/DVD Writers, High quality Scanners and LCD Projectors. Qualified lab  Assistant is available to guide students.

All MBA students are equipped with a laptop, which allows them to access the  learning resources available on the Campus Network and the Internet round the  clock. Thus, it makes it possible for the students to access information resources anywhere and anytime in the campus.

40 KVA UPS facility is also provided in the existing set-up.