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2 Year Full Time Program
Affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology,
West Bengal (MAKAUTWB)
Formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT)
Approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)

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The Policy Statement

Heritage Business School is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees free from discrimination on any ground, and from harassment at work including sexual harassment. HBS will operate a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment in the workplace, treat all incidents seriously, and promptly investigates all allegations of sexual harassment

What constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct committed in the organisation which is sexual in nature making a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated.
Examples of conduct or behaviour which constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:

Physical conduct:

Unwelcome physical contact including patting, pinching, stroking, kissing, hugging, fondling, or inappropriate touching

· Physical violence, including sexual assault
· Physical contact, e.g. touching, pinching
· The use of job related threats or rewards to solicit sexual favours, inappropriate verbal conduct
· Comments on a worker’s appearance, age, private life, etc.
· Sexual comments, stories and jokes
· Sexual advances
· Repeated and unwanted social invitations for dates or physical intimacy
· Insults based on the sex of the worker
· Condescending or paternalistic remarks
· Sending sexually explicit messages (by phone or by email)
Non verbal conduct
· Display of sexually explicit or suggestive material
· Sexually suggestive gestures
· Whistling
· Leering

Who can complain?

All employees, students and people working in the Institute premises: permanent, contractual or visiting irrespective of gender.

Whom to complain?

The ICC Team constitute an expert from outside the Institute having experience in handling such problems, Chairperson from the Faculty Members (on Rotation), two faculty members, one admin Staff and two student representatives.

How to complain?

The complainant must make the complaint in writing. In the case when the complainant is not in a position to do so because of the act of harassment, the complaint may be made by any adult (18 years and over) who has reason to believe that an act of harassment has been committed.

Enquiry and disciplinary Proceedings

Following an initial screening by the ICC team members, an enquiry will be conducted by them and completion of the same will be done within three months from the date of complaint. During the enquiry, complete confidentiality of the proceedings will be ensured. The ICC will assure that the victim and the alleged perpetrator(s) have no contact with one another during the process of enquiry.
Type of Punishment: The mode of punishment will be curative rather than punitive.

However in case of HBS Students, the following penalties can be taken:

No Official Character Certificate from the School
Withdrawal of Placement Services
Suspension or Rustication from the Institute

Support to the victim by the Institute

HBS is supposed to provide all the resources to ensure the victim’s safety on the campus.

HBS can seek medical or legal intervention with the consent of the employee or student.