Recruit a Heritan

A Heritan (Student of Heritage Business School) is an all round student. He / She is prepared for the University Examination as well as the Industry. Each student is assessed on his / her strong point and points requiring improvement. Consequently, tailor made student improvement programmes are drawn up and administered by experts with decades of proven expertise. A Heritan is a highly sought after resource for any Industry and this has been established year after year. Heritans today occupy positions of respect and authority in leading organizations all over the world and Heritage Business School is proud of its alumni.

Rated 4th in Eastern India by Outlook in 2014, 30th in India among private B – Schools by Sun in 2015 and one of the only two B – Schools from West Bengal selected by Higher Education Review in March 2015 in the Survey “Beyond IIM s – B School Survey 2015 “, Heritage Business School has the distinction of having produced a series of University Medallists – Gold, Silver and Bronze – on the basis of the results of the University examination.