Research and Publication

Research forms an integral component of the faculty's work at Heritage Business School. The faculty members assimilate knowledge through their research & publication work and disseminate knowledge through teaching in long term programmes and organizing seminars, workshops and management development programmes. HBS faculty regularly publish their work in reputed refereed national and international journals. The faculty at HBS have together published a total of 8 books, 140 journal articles (both national and international).

International Publications

Prof. Sitangshu Khatua.Examining Overreaction in Indian Stock Market for Quarterly News”, Emerging Market Journal, Volume 4 No 1, ISSN 2459-242X (print),  ISSN 2158-8708 (online), DOI 10.5195/emaj.2014.57 , University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014, pp. 1-16.

Dr. Subrato Bhadury Attended & presented a pape At the International Conference on marketing MARCON 2014 on 16th -17th  December  2014, held at International Management Institute Kolkata(IMI) : Topic –“Emerging Markets, Evolving Perspectives”.

Khatua. S. and Pradhan. H.K. "Evidence of Overreaction in Indian Stock Prices during Quarterly News Announcements", International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, A Euro Journal Publication, July-Sep 2014, ISSN No. 1450-2887.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2013). Examining Overreaction in BSE using Event Study Approach for Stock Split Announcements. International Journal of Engineering & Management Research, Vol. 3, Issue 1, ISSN 2250-0758.

Bhadury, S. (2012). Directional move towards other income after liberalization: is it a risky strategic marketing shift for our commercial banks? To be published by IIMC in an Emerald Journal.

Chakraborty, Shampa & Sen, Aloke Kr. (2012). A Study on Team Leaders’ People Competencies in Select IT Companies. International Journal’s Research. Journal of Social Science & Management, Vol. 2, Number 4.

Ganguly, Madhurima & Sen, Aloke Kr. (2012). Organisational Commitment & Organisational Effectiveness. International Journal of RJSSM, Vol. 2, No.5.

Pareek, Gagan (2012). Wholesale model of Rural Distribution in FMCG: A Quantitative Study of Factors. International Journal of Management Research & Review, Vol. 2, Issue 8, 4 / 1347-1353, ISSN. 2249-7196

Chakraborty, Shampa & Sen, Aloke Kr. (2012). Importance of Competency Identification in the IT Sector. International Journal of Journal of RJSSM, Vol. 2, No. 06.

Ray, Alok (2011). Growth as a Tool to Alleviate Poverty. Growth and Poverty: The Great Debate, ed. Mehta, Pradeep S & Chatterjee, Bipul, CUTS International.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2011). Realities of Real Options. Review of Business Technology, Vol.1, No.1, 1-6, ISSN1941-9414.

Ganguly, Madhurima & Sen, Aloke Kr.(2012) Motivational climate & its impect upon.Organizational Effectiveness A study with reference to power sector, 6th 1C MBS International Conference, Ahmedabad.

Chakraberty, Shampa & Sen, Aloke Kr. (2013). Global HR Management and Identification of competencies for organizational Development in the information Technology sector. Journal of Global Business, vol-2, No.2, 73- 95.

Ray, Alok (2011). “Towards Faster and More Inclusive Growth: Challenges before India”  in India Macro Annual 2010  ed. Sugata Marjit    (Sage Publishers: India, UK, USA and Singapore).

National Publications

Prof. Sitangshu Khatua paper accepted in International Conference GCMRM at MDI, Gurgaon on 11th -13th March, 2015. Title of the paper: Examining Financial Capability of the clients of Micro Finance Institutions.

Prof. Sitangshu Khatua presented a paper on Micro Finance and chaired a session in the 3rd International Conference on Inclusive Finance held at XLRI, Jamshedpur during 31st Oct-2nd Nov,14.

Paper accepted for presentation & publication for Dr. Subrato Bhadury  at the National Conference on Management at Mahendra Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Bhubaneswar February 2015 ,topic - “Emerging Issues and Trends in Business Management”.

Paper published by Dr. Subrato Bhadury titled “Marketing strategy for Non profit organization- Museum as a special case” is published in the conference journal of IMI Kolkata , December 2014 issue.

Khatua, Sitangshu & Pradhan, H.K.(2013). Examining Overreaction in BSE using Event Study Approach for Stock Split Announcements.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2013). Indication of Overreaction with or without Stock Specific Public Announcements in Indian Stock market, Accepted for publication in Vikalpa, IIM-Ahmedabad, 2013,

Khatua, Sitangshu (2013). “Is there any significant relationship between the updated capital budgeting practices & financial performance of the Indian corporate? A study”, Perspectives on Management, Vol. 4, No. 9&10, Sep, 2012, 84-92, ISSN 0974-7095.

Bhadury, S. (2012). An alternative route towards bank profitability and turnaround – how far suitable for commercial banks of different sizes in India. The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise, Vol. 35, No. 3 & 4.

Dutta, Koushik (2012). Social Capital, Culture & Human Capital: Study of Traditional Weaver Community. Perspectives on Management, Vol.4, No.9 & 10, 35-49.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2012). Is there any significant relationship between the updated Capital Budgeting practices & financial performances of the Indian Corporate?. Perspectives on Management, Vol.4, No.9 & 10, 84 -92

Chaudhuri, Rimu & Bedajana, Suman Kumar (2012). Business Economics 1, Kalyani Publishers.

Ganguly, Madhurima, Bhattacharya, B.K, & Sen, Aloke Kr. (2011). Organisational Commitment: An Empirical Study on Public & Private Enterprises. Perspectives on Management , Vol. 3, No.7 & 8.

Book Publications:

Prof. Sitangshu Khatua Started writing a book “International Financial Management” with Cengage Learning, 2015.

Reviewed a book on “Project Finance” by Oxford University of Press, 2014 by Prof. Sitangshu Khatua.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2012). “IRR-A BLUNDER, STILL IT IS POPULAR”, LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing), Germany, 2012, ISBN – 978- 3-659-14022-8.

Written a book on “Project Management & Appraisal” with Oxford Univ. Press (OUP) publisher. Published in India, Canada, UK, USA in the year Feb’2011.3rd imprint is published in 2014. Brief outline of the book is available in the following link:, ISBN–978-01-980669-0-3.

Khatua, Sitangshu (2011). “Whether Overreaction Theory can be Applicable on Indian Stock Market – A Study”, book chapter published in an Edited Book “Financial Innovations and Change for Survival and Growth”, Global Alliance Publisher, 2011, 57-77, ISBN – 978-