Vision Mission PEOs and Quality Policy


To prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of global society while retaining their traditional values

• To prepare students with strong foundation in their disciplines and other areas of learning.
• To provide an environment for critical and innovative thinking, and to encourage life-long learning.
• To develop entrepreneurial and professional skills.
• To promote research and developmental activities and interaction with industry.
• To inculcate leadership qualities for serving the society.


• To administer adequate and interactive learning tools to equip the students to excel in careers in industry / entrepreneurship / academics.
• To upgrade the knowledge platform of the students through case based pedagogy in management problem areas and strategies.
• To develop leadership and analytical decision-making competencies of students.
• To inculcate ethics and value systems in the minds of the students.
• To forge and nurture mutually beneficial knowledge and information sharing alliances with institutes in India and abroad in the areas of academics and research.


HBS is committed to pursue the highest standards of academic excellence in all our endeavours, namely - Transfer of knowledge, Research & Projects in line with the requirements of Industry. The School commits itself to nurture Innovation, Entrepreneurship and capabilities in Management. To provide Faculty and Researchers with the latest tools of Management based on a practice of Industry-centred pedagogy with a focus on teaching-learning outcomes. It will lead to Industry-based knowledge to be harnessed effectively and proactively for the betterment of society. To establish reciprocal linkages with Industry and other educational Institutions for sharing resources and improving Industry-based knowledge platform for the growth, development and meaningful placement of students.